Places to see, people to draw...

I was so inspired by Conde Nast Johansens that all I have wanted to do is go travelling and draw and paint everything I see. But I'm broke. So instead I drew some pieces inspired by places I have visited and that I want to visit. Some of these I did before the Conde Nast interview but what can you do?

                                          American Rodeo

What a start to the year...

So it has been a crazy start to the new year! With an interview at Conde Nast, moving to London and landing my first big freelance gig I have been dealing with a lot of new situations! But lets be honest, its a great problem to have!

Trying to keep things chronological, the first thing was the interview at Conde Nast. It was for a position as a designer at their Johansens Travel Guide publication. I didn't get it as they need someone with more publishing and branding experience, but just being given the opportunity to present my work was amazing! I am a huge fan of the whole Conde Nast brand and it has long been one of my ideals to work there. This is some of the stuff I did for them when applying for the post:

The people who interviewed me were wonderful and encouraging which made the whole experience even better.
The best bit about it however was staying with my friends Michaela and Ieuan (find their amazing work here and here). They really inspired me and motivated me and made me feel like I could do anything. We had pizza and they made me a good-luck lemon meringue pie! And we topped it off with watching Morning Glory to help get me jazzed for the interview. And I think it got me jazzed for the year.

Next was the freelance gig. The chance to design and animate part of a music video for a great South African artist named Andy Innes. The song is called Aliens and lends its lyrics to the title of the album, Anthems of a Stranger. It is a great song and album (check them out here) and I can't wait to be able to post a link to the finished video! It was such a great thing to work on and I had a lot of fun using different techniques, blending traditional and digital in Photoshop and After Effects.

Then came the moving to London. really that happened in the last week. Its still happening really. Me and my sister Asha came up to London for two weeks to job hunt and look for a place to rent. We knew trying to handle the move from back in Wales wasn't working so we thought we would just go up and see what we could make happen. So after applying to hundreds of jobs and spending hours on rightmove and visiting estate agents we had everything fall into place in a space of three days at the end of the two weeks! So its been a bit of a fast turn of events as our work started before our place came through. Working but homeless.

But once again my Knights in Shining Armour came to the rescue! So Asha and I are living in Michaela and Ieuan's living room for a few days while we wait for the house to come through. It is such a great thing to be surrounded by creative enthusiasm and drive which is why we are all excited that my new house is just 5 minutes walk away! So there are a few of the highlights from the last couple months or so. Its a lot to happen all at once with a few extra things thrown on top of it all but nothing worth having comes easy! And I am excited to see what else is coming around the corner!

Design Reel 2012

So I have finally finished my design reel. It is all new stuff, nothing older than a few months. I decided to go all new because I want to start working in different areas than I have done previously and I figured this was a good way to start things off. I'm really happy with it, although I am already itching to do some more...

Mummies Alive!

When I was little there was a cartoon I watched called Mummies Alive! It was one of the many shows that followed the morphing-heroes trend except instead of teenagers with attitude the heroes are, well, mummies. I don't remember a huge amount about the show other than that I always got really excited about it and that my favourite character was a kick-ass lady named Nefertina. I have always had a thing for Ancient Egypt and love films and shows that explore that mythology. With that in mind, and with Halloween having only just passed, I decided to do this little piece. Basically she's a mummy who finds herself alive(ish) again in the 1940s.

Face Off!

I am so in love with the TV show Face Off! It is one of the best shows on TV at the moment and showcases some truly amazing talent. This piece was inspired by one of the challenges in season 3.


Been playing around with texture and line a lot recently and this is one of the better pieces to come out of it. I did it whilst listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey; I find her endlessly inspiring.

Coming Soon...

Well I finished my first short comic! It is only four pages long and was done for the Graphic Short Story Competition for the Guardian's Observer. It is noir-esque, with a darker feel than a lot of the stuff I've been working on during uni. They are announcing the winner/runner ups next week so I'm going to wait (with fingers firmly crossed) until then before I upload the comic here. In the mean time I hope you enjoy this teaser poster I've made.