Portrait of a Girl...

I am looking at using layers in the backgrounds for the Title Sequence, and then with the looking at using different mediums, I decided to do a kind of portrait of Sookie, combining collage and drawing. This is what I came up with:

I quite like it and I think I'm finding a stranger sense of the direction I want to go in.Now its just putting what I see in my mind onto paper. And actually, I can't wait!

Signature Stroke!

Something that strongly effects the style of a design is the medium used. I tend to try and use a large variety of mediums, but it seems I have been working in black ink pens for almost the full duration of the project so far. It wasn't until I use a ball point pen that I got a design that really sparked my imagination. And so I went on to do some designs in a variety of mediums:

I quite like the watercolour design, and I want to carry on using a larger variety of mediums as well as combining them in the design process. I hope to have some examples soon posted soon!

Want Your Bad Romance

So I decided to run with the period Gothic Romance idea, and I threw out some designs of Sookie as a kind of virginal damsel in distress. I really like the idea of approaching it from this angle, but again I need to find the style that will make it work...

I like some of the darker qualities of these designs, and I'm thinking that an element of a more realistic style might not be too much of a bad thing...


I am really liking looking into the individual Jem characters at the moment, and I want to do a profile on each one with some really fun designs. But for now here are some more sketches I did of The Holograms. I think their personalities are coming through some more now, which I'm excited about...


So after the first few sketches I did for Rhys,he explained in more detail the kind of thing he wanted. Busy streets, Urban, think Chinatown. This is what I came up with:

I hope it suits his style, as I would like to do more work for him, although he is already collaborating with a back ground artist. Her name is Amy Moffitt and she is great, so check her out here: http://amyrowanredesign.blogspot.com/

Thanks All!

I Need Backup (Singers)...

I have been drawing a lot of Jem over the last weeks, and I felt it was about time I took a look at some of the other characters. Those being the rest of The Holograms and their rival band, The Misfits. I started with the bad guys...

I am liking this style, and I think once I push it around some more things might start to really take shape.

Next up was The Holograms! I started with just a few sketches...

I think from now on I will work on all the characters, trying to mold the style to suit each of the personalities. That way I will be able to explore each idea more expressively,focusing on the personalities of the characters.

So here we go!


I have mostly been focusing on Sookie, the lead of True Blood in my designs. But really the show is made up of a great ensemble, and so I figured it was about time I drew some of them! These are a couple of designs for Tara (who is an amazing character) and Sookie's love interest Bill (and one rather cute design for Sookie):

I really love the character of Tara, and Rutina Wesley is an amazing actress, so I really would like to find a way of including her in the Title Sequence. We shall see...

And So It Continues...

Here are a few more sketches of styles I have tried out, hopefully giving them a little Gothic flare. I quite like the lanky, long-limed Sookie as it has a little bit of the goofiness of the character...

I've recently started thinking about maybe doing the title sequence in the style of a period Gothic Romance, taking inspiration from Season 1 Episode 6 in which Sookie dresses in a long flowing white gown to loose her virginity. I may have to look into that...

Goth Away!

After deciding to approach the True Blood designs from a Gothic view point, but not wanting to restrict myself, I decided to do a couple designs in different styles, but with a Gothic feel.

Here are a few examples:

I ended up with a couple I really liked, that have a Tim Burton meets Chris Riddle feel to them.

As well as the characters, I felt it was about time I had a look at the environments. I did a few quick sketches mostly to get the mood of the piece. Here they are:

I have quite a lot of work still to post, so expect some rapid-fire posting!

Thanks All!


After looking at Phillip's work (see previous post) and at Betty Boop, I decided to explore really curvy, pin-up inspired designs. I like using the curve of the hips as a way of exaggerating the proportions of the figure, giving them a real sense of femininity. Here are a few examples:

My favourite of these designs is the large design of the girl with short hair, done in black pen. I really like the attitude of the character. It seems to give more of an impression of an actual character as opposed to simply a drawing. And it seems my tutors agree! So I think this is the style I will be playing around with in regards to finding the final look of the characters. And I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Thanks All!

Spirit in the Sky...

So I did another little concept sketch of the flying city with more of a mechanical look in mind (left). At that point Steph had drawn out her city background and asked me to have a go at colouring. Right is a sketch I did of a section of the city using Steph's background as a guide. It took me around 2 minutes, whilst the concept sketch was around 25 minutes.

I really love the background Steph has come up with. The detail is amazing and I feel it really captures the atmosphere of the city (as she conveyed it to me). She said she liked the minimal black and white, so whilst I did do a more colorful version of these, I felt that these might be more what she was looking for:

I haven't had any more feedback from Steph, so we shall just have to wait and see if this side of my Collaborative is finished...

What A Brat!

I got quite a bit of positive feedback on some of my silhouettes, so I decided to combine a few of them and come up with a design. This is the result:

I like the legs, and a few aspects of the face, but my tutor pointed out that it was rather similar to the Bratz dolls. Not that that's a bad thing, but I will be exploring more styles as I don't want my work to be to similar or derivative of either my past work or the work of others.

Still, it's quite a cute design.

Thanks All!

That Silhouette...

After my market research I did a few pages of silhouette sketches to get some ideas of shapes and construction I might use. I actually got some good ideas from a few of these. Here are a couple examples:

Cartoon Heroes...

So before I carried on with my designs I focused on another really important part of the process: market research!

I took a look at some of my old favourites, such as Dexter's Lab, as well as some of the newer cartoon successes, such as Kim Possible and Ben10:

I am focusing on how these human characters are constructed, proportions exaggerated, features left out etc. A lot of big round eyes, little to no noses and some interesting head to body ratio seem to be common themes. So with these in mind, its back to the drawing!

A Lightbulb Moment!

After my initial design ideas, I thought of a design where the face was very minimal in terms of features, but those that are there are exaggerated. Also I had an idea to have rounded, simple shapes making up the figure, with the legs starting as large balls that thin out as they rich the hips. I drew out the band using these ideas...

I actually quite liked these, so I took them a little further, adding a (very) little more construction, giving them hands, and throwing in a little colour. I liked the pose I ended up with for Jem, as well as her hair:

Although I like parts of these designs, after discussions with my tutor it was decided that they were similar to some of my past work, and so knowing that I had these here to go back to should I so need, I decided to see what else I could come up with.

Thanks All!

It's More Friendly With Two...

As part of my Final Major Project I have to collaborate on other peoples projects, something that I find exciting, but perhaps a bit scary too.

However I did end up working on a couple really interesting projects. One of which is a short film being made by my friend Stephanie Seed (http://stephanieseed.blogspot.com/ - She's awesome, check her out!) You can find specifics on her blog (because I'm not sure how much I can give away) but I can say that she asked me to come up with a couple concept pieces for a floating/flying city.

I liked working on this as I have never worked on a city scape before. Plus it is fantasy, which is what I mostly drew when I started doing this with regards to a career.

These are the first few pieces I came up with, the first taking maybe 10 minutes, the second with the turrets and more detail taking around 30 minutes:

Steph spoke about using watercolours and perhaps tea stains when colouring, so I coloured these photocopies of the line work, the first using only tea, the second using really rather too many watercolours...

I quite like these, but Steph was looking for a more mechanical, 'Steampunk' inspired look. So I'll go back and see if I can get it closer.

Twisted Creatures

So I absolutely love True Blood, but I have not yet been able to see the second season as I live in the UK. I have however been able to see their marketing campaign for the second season and I really love the 'portraits' trailers they have done for each of the main characters (look them up on youtube, they're amazing), as well as the photographic portraits.

To get some ideas going for how I could incorporate the same feel as the marketing campaign while still pushing the design elements, I photoshopped the portraits, distorting the features to see what kind of effects I could get.

Here are some examples:

With Sookie's portrait I enlarged her mouth and eyes to show her doe-eyed, damsel like qualities.

I enlarged Sam's eyes to give him that "Dog" (you need to have seen the show) feeling, but made his mouth smaller to see what kind of effects I could get.

I actually quite like these, they are fun but a bit weird, and I'm hoping to bring that to my designs...

I'm All Thumbs!

I was trying to get an idea of all the things I would need to look at for the title sequence, and so I came up with this (very rough) thumbnail story board. It isn't the final idea of course, but its a jumping off point, and designing is easier when you know all the things you need to design =P

It Hurts So Good!

When I was given my brief for the Title Sequence Concept project, there really was no question what it was I would be doing. It's dark, it's sexy, it's fun, it's pulpy, it has an awesome opening credits song and (this being the main reason) it stars Anna Paquin! How could I not do True Blood!

HBO's latest smash and my favourite television show, True Blood is a great choice for me...but where to start? I looked at a lot of title sequences (you can find them on youtube, I won't be posting the due to copyright) from Goldfinger to Mad Men, The marvelous misadventures of Flapjack to A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I don't want to go down the simple graphic, Catch Me If You Can road as I just don't think it would suit the show. Flapjack and Unfortunate Events was more my thing. I'm thinking layers, I'm thinking textures, I'm thinking first things first: Time to sketch!

I approached these sketches by doing instinctive, impulsive drawings, not thinking about the outcome,just drawing what came into my mind at that moment. I want to avoid caricaturing the actors, and to aim for a more stylised, emotive look.

Well, I'm on my way. Now its just a question of finding out where I'm going with this...

Thanks All!

She's Got The Power!

OK, just in case the endless lyric references haven't given it away here it is:

I have decided to do my Character Redesign Project on:

For some its a classic, for others its a "whats that?" moment, but I'm sticking with the Jem girls, and for a couple of pretty good reasons too. Firstly, a show about a girl band/rock group and their adventures in glamour and glitter, fashion and fame is ripe for the revamping. Secondly, the characters are a plenty, with Jem and her Holograms, their rivals The Misfits and all the love interests and supporting character, I shall never be left dry for someone to work on. And then there is the fact that the premise and genre lends itself perfectly to being pulled and stretched and fully explored (design wise obviously). I can push shapes and colours and proportions. There's the costumes and props, the hairstyles, and with Lady Gaga, Pink and Rihanna filling up young girls ipods, the sky is the limit.

And so enough talk about why it would work, and on to, well, just plain working. Here are some of the initial concept sketches:

I really wanted to explore using bits of colour in the early stages of design.

I want to push shapes and proportions and find a style that is fun and relevant.

So a fair bit of variety, but not a clear direction just yet. However it is early days and I am still in the initial design stage of the process, so I mustn't get carried away just yet...

Some more designs will be up soon!

Thanks All!