It Hurts So Good!

When I was given my brief for the Title Sequence Concept project, there really was no question what it was I would be doing. It's dark, it's sexy, it's fun, it's pulpy, it has an awesome opening credits song and (this being the main reason) it stars Anna Paquin! How could I not do True Blood!

HBO's latest smash and my favourite television show, True Blood is a great choice for me...but where to start? I looked at a lot of title sequences (you can find them on youtube, I won't be posting the due to copyright) from Goldfinger to Mad Men, The marvelous misadventures of Flapjack to A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I don't want to go down the simple graphic, Catch Me If You Can road as I just don't think it would suit the show. Flapjack and Unfortunate Events was more my thing. I'm thinking layers, I'm thinking textures, I'm thinking first things first: Time to sketch!

I approached these sketches by doing instinctive, impulsive drawings, not thinking about the outcome,just drawing what came into my mind at that moment. I want to avoid caricaturing the actors, and to aim for a more stylised, emotive look.

Well, I'm on my way. Now its just a question of finding out where I'm going with this...

Thanks All!

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