It's More Friendly With Two...

As part of my Final Major Project I have to collaborate on other peoples projects, something that I find exciting, but perhaps a bit scary too.

However I did end up working on a couple really interesting projects. One of which is a short film being made by my friend Stephanie Seed ( - She's awesome, check her out!) You can find specifics on her blog (because I'm not sure how much I can give away) but I can say that she asked me to come up with a couple concept pieces for a floating/flying city.

I liked working on this as I have never worked on a city scape before. Plus it is fantasy, which is what I mostly drew when I started doing this with regards to a career.

These are the first few pieces I came up with, the first taking maybe 10 minutes, the second with the turrets and more detail taking around 30 minutes:

Steph spoke about using watercolours and perhaps tea stains when colouring, so I coloured these photocopies of the line work, the first using only tea, the second using really rather too many watercolours...

I quite like these, but Steph was looking for a more mechanical, 'Steampunk' inspired look. So I'll go back and see if I can get it closer.

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