She's Got The Power!

OK, just in case the endless lyric references haven't given it away here it is:

I have decided to do my Character Redesign Project on:

For some its a classic, for others its a "whats that?" moment, but I'm sticking with the Jem girls, and for a couple of pretty good reasons too. Firstly, a show about a girl band/rock group and their adventures in glamour and glitter, fashion and fame is ripe for the revamping. Secondly, the characters are a plenty, with Jem and her Holograms, their rivals The Misfits and all the love interests and supporting character, I shall never be left dry for someone to work on. And then there is the fact that the premise and genre lends itself perfectly to being pulled and stretched and fully explored (design wise obviously). I can push shapes and colours and proportions. There's the costumes and props, the hairstyles, and with Lady Gaga, Pink and Rihanna filling up young girls ipods, the sky is the limit.

And so enough talk about why it would work, and on to, well, just plain working. Here are some of the initial concept sketches:

I really wanted to explore using bits of colour in the early stages of design.

I want to push shapes and proportions and find a style that is fun and relevant.

So a fair bit of variety, but not a clear direction just yet. However it is early days and I am still in the initial design stage of the process, so I mustn't get carried away just yet...

Some more designs will be up soon!

Thanks All!

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