Twisted Creatures

So I absolutely love True Blood, but I have not yet been able to see the second season as I live in the UK. I have however been able to see their marketing campaign for the second season and I really love the 'portraits' trailers they have done for each of the main characters (look them up on youtube, they're amazing), as well as the photographic portraits.

To get some ideas going for how I could incorporate the same feel as the marketing campaign while still pushing the design elements, I photoshopped the portraits, distorting the features to see what kind of effects I could get.

Here are some examples:

With Sookie's portrait I enlarged her mouth and eyes to show her doe-eyed, damsel like qualities.

I enlarged Sam's eyes to give him that "Dog" (you need to have seen the show) feeling, but made his mouth smaller to see what kind of effects I could get.

I actually quite like these, they are fun but a bit weird, and I'm hoping to bring that to my designs...

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