End Of Year Evaluation

This year has been a learning curve for me, and a very successful on as I feel I have progressed a large amount from the beginning of the year and that I am producing work now that I would not have been able to even several months ago.

Looking at the projects together a main area that I know I will be working on over the summer as well as in the next academic year is my time management. Next year I will create schedule for the project that I will work at following as closely as possible. Also, I will make sure that the schedule will allow for elements such as Photoshopping and scanning.

I am pleased with the overall look of the finished pieces in my character project. I would have liked for the line work to be cleaner, and the colours on some of the characters could use addressing, however I feel I have been successful in creating a set of fun characters. I am particularly pleased with the way colours are used as a way of representing the personalities of the characters as opposed to their cultural heritage, creating a group of strong female characters that I hope could work as positive role models for young girls.

Collaboration this year for me was working with Michaela Edmunds on her comic book, a key feature of her film “Bump in the Night”. I found working with Michaela very enjoyable, and I feel that we were able to communicate well and working off each other, something I feel is clear in the outcome of our work together. I feel the comic book sits well in her film, and that the panels are readable and exciting to look at.

Nailing down a style for my title sequence that was both attractive and fit well with the HBO show True Blood, which I was designing it for, was rather challenging, but it was a challenge enjoyed. I feel that although it took me longer to get to style I was happy with than it should have, the final outcome was reasonably strong. The storyboard itself could have been clearer, and the final visuals are relatively simple, but I feel the simplicity of the designs perhaps suits the sequence when you take into consideration the quick cut editing and character content. I find the puppet theatre look of the final visuals with the impression of shadows and light was really quite successful, and the animatic fits well with the music. I would have like to have had more animation in the animatic, but again that is down to time management.

This I have progressed more than I could have anticipated in areas that I had never before considered, such as in my skills with Adobe Illustrator, and while there are still clear areas for further development, I feel the work I have produced for my final major projects serve as proof of my development as a designer this year.

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