Jem! is her name...

And so its finally done (not that I can believe it just yet). From the construction turnarounds to the final poster, Jem! is now fully and officially redesigned.
As is to be expected, I'm not happy with all all of the project, but given the learning curve I've been on during the course of this project I am feeling pretty positive about the results.

Here are some examples of Jem! and her big sister, All-American, ultra-pink, shinny, new look:

Now her poses may not be very elaborate and colours not quite right, but over all I think Jem! is my favourite character. Which is pretty much the best I could hope for seeing as she is the leading lady of a band that, although it could be improved on, is, in my opinion, looking Truly Outrageous!

More of the finished work to follow.

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