Personalities are GO!

One of the main reasons I wanted to redesign Jem and the Holograms was the variety of ethnic backgrounds in all of the characters. Something I wanted to try and do was keep the essence of these ethnic backgrounds whilst assigning the characters colours that represent their personalities rather than their skin colour. I looked at the colours of the characters in the original series as a starting off point.

Kimber is passionate, Red and rebellious. She is Jem's Caucasian little sister and the baby of the group.

Shana is the Purple character, a bit of a Princess and a lover of fashion, she is the African American, with a super powered sense of humour!

Carmen, the Blue character, is the shy, sweet one, of Hispanic descent. The Blue symbolises her demur nature, as well as the mystery behind it (she is one heck of a drummer!)

Aja is the super cool, super sporty one of the group. She is Green, symbolising her hands on, down to earth personality. She is Asian American.

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