On A Side Note

As well as the Detective story I have been working on I have been writing some other stories. Some in more detail than others, all for a variety of things.

One story I've been working on is a book/graphic novel that I suppose would fall into fantasy. Its quite dark as I am trying to write scary, so there is a lot of dramatic danger and a lot of it focuses on wolves, my favourite form of danger. I am obsessed with the Little Red Riding Hood stories, so the Big Bad Wolf appears in my work a lot. I think its to do with the fact that my Mom quoted Neil Jordan's deliciously good film "The Company Of Wolves" to me when I was a child...

"Never stray from the path, never eat a windfall apple and never trust a man whose eyebrows meet in the middle"

Powerful stuff.

Another of the stories is something I was working on to be my script for my final major project next year. However it seems I have finished writing it, which makes me very eager to start drawing it...maybe a few sketches couldn't hurt, just as a jumping off point for September?
It's another fantasy story, although this one is more comical, probably more of a children's film that adults could enjoy too rather than the book, which feels a bit more "at the parents discretion" type thing.
I am actually quite fond of the characters, I think they have strong personalities and I can imagine all the different ways I could draw them. The main action sequences could use some work, but I suppose I need to leave myself something to develop next year.

So it seems stories are a-go-go. Now I just need to sit down and draw something worth uploading...

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