The Ultimate

Yesterday was the deadline for what is known by my class mates as The Ultimate Image; an image that not only sums up who you are and what you do, but also sells that to perspective clients.

Well this is mine:

My main influence was my writing. These are all characters and ideas from stories I have written or projects I am working as my work is really how I define myself. I am only as good as the work I produce. That's why the quality of this image is worrying to me. Its not terrible, and I am fond of the content, but the execution could have been a lot stronger. But ever the aspiring optimist I have decided to look on this as evidence that my work can only get better, granted that I make them it that way.

After the Effects

Another project, another excuse to indulge my own interests...

At the time I was working on this project I was obsessed with Rihanna and particularly the song Love The Way You Lie, so when the project turned out to be using Adobe AfterEffects to create a title sequence I had my soundtrack down. All I needed to do was find a story, and luckily enough I had a comic book idea from when I was an angsty teenager tucked away.

The story; a young girl with fire powers to powerful for her to control, on the run from the government agency responsible for creating her.

Not the most original idea I've ever had, but it worked with the song, so next up was learning the programme...

(Harry Potter 7 was out at the time I was doing the project so my interest in Emma Watson was heightened, hence her guest appearance)

And then there came the final thing...and obviously it stars my sister...

Over all I am quite happy with the result. It is simpler than I would have liked, and the text went a bit weird at the end and didn't flow like it should have, but now that I've learnt the programme a bit I know I will be able to use it better next time.