A very quick little concept image for a story idea I had.

MA, meet my past work. Past work, this is the MA...

So I am on the Masters Degree course at the Atrium. So far it has been a really relaxed and purely creative experience. Its a big change to the way the BA was run. Your not running around with five deadlines coming up and all of these check boxes to fill, its much more about really finding out what it is that you want to do as a career and focusing your projects around really developing the skills you need to in order to get there.

The first month has been all about ideas generation. We have gone through a number of exercises as individuals and in groups and really pushed ourselves to find projects for this year that will reall help us to showcase what we are good at. Sometimes this means coming up with a brand new idea, and other times it means looking back at something you thought you would save for a rainy day. I did both.

I have decided on my idea for the film I will be making, but that's another post. For now I wanted to share some art work I did for an old idea (television pitch project from second year) which I considered using for my film this year. The style was very much influenced by Fashion Illustration, and the story is about a young Parisian girl who discovers a mystery hidden in her late mother's past, which she promptly sets about solving. I like the idea, and some of my old art work for it to, but my new idea is something really new for me, so this one goes back onto the shelf for now.

Old Work

Long time no post! But new year, new chance to get it right! I thought I'd get back into the swing of things by posting a bunch of concept work I did for one of my third year projects...

The project was a comic book adaptation of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale set in the 1930's. Some quick panel ideas: