Design Reel 2012

So I have finally finished my design reel. It is all new stuff, nothing older than a few months. I decided to go all new because I want to start working in different areas than I have done previously and I figured this was a good way to start things off. I'm really happy with it, although I am already itching to do some more...

Mummies Alive!

When I was little there was a cartoon I watched called Mummies Alive! It was one of the many shows that followed the morphing-heroes trend except instead of teenagers with attitude the heroes are, well, mummies. I don't remember a huge amount about the show other than that I always got really excited about it and that my favourite character was a kick-ass lady named Nefertina. I have always had a thing for Ancient Egypt and love films and shows that explore that mythology. With that in mind, and with Halloween having only just passed, I decided to do this little piece. Basically she's a mummy who finds herself alive(ish) again in the 1940s.

Face Off!

I am so in love with the TV show Face Off! It is one of the best shows on TV at the moment and showcases some truly amazing talent. This piece was inspired by one of the challenges in season 3.


Been playing around with texture and line a lot recently and this is one of the better pieces to come out of it. I did it whilst listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey; I find her endlessly inspiring.

Coming Soon...

Well I finished my first short comic! It is only four pages long and was done for the Graphic Short Story Competition for the Guardian's Observer. It is noir-esque, with a darker feel than a lot of the stuff I've been working on during uni. They are announcing the winner/runner ups next week so I'm going to wait (with fingers firmly crossed) until then before I upload the comic here. In the mean time I hope you enjoy this teaser poster I've made.

Bond is Back!!

I am so excited! Four years since Quantum of Solace came to the silver screen the newer, grittier Bond is back, with Daniel Craig reprising the lead role for the third time and Dame Judi Dench once again filling me with glee as M. I have avoided learning too much about the film, cast and any plot points and have only just allowed myself to watch the trailer. And I have to see it looks epic. The action looks fantastic, the cast is brilliant (Javier Bardem looks terrifying and genius and I am a big fan of Naomie Harris) and from what I can see the story looks solid. Plus they've brought back Q. Thrilling enough on its own, my excitement at having Q back is doubled by the fact that they have cast the sensational Ben Whishaw. I have been a massive fan of his for years and I am sure that he will be amazing. Because I am so excited I decided to make a Bond poster. And here it is:
I made it for a non-existent Bond film because otherwise I would have spent ages trying to choose which film to make a poster for! Hopefully Bond, M and Q are all recognisable, and I am quite happy with how they have all turned out (although I haven't quite captured Mr Whishaw's good looks). The pretty blonde is meant to be Miss Moneypenny, the next character I am hoping they bring back. For this I cast the wonderful Jemima Rooper. She is hugely funny, beautiful and I think she would make a brilliant 21st century Moneypenny. The beautiful woman with the red lips is Rosario Dawson, who would make a brilliant Bond Bad Girl; I can totally see her taking Craig. Of course I have already started musing what the plot for this film might be, but that's a story for another time.

So Many Ideas!

Now that I am finished with university I am finding myself overwhelmed with ideas. There is so much I want to do I barely know where to start. I've decided to go with some simple comic strip/graphic short story projects to help me get into the swing of things. Here is a concept panel from one of them...
I am writing a lot and I hope to be able to get into it on a more professional level at some point relatively soon...until then this will be my main showcase area, so I hope you like what I'm working on. I'm hoping to have the first finished graphic short story on here in the next few weeks.

Fly With Me!

So here it is; the final film. It is short, simple and quite sweet I think. The animation may be basic, but I hope the story rings true with people, as that is where I put most of my energy. Now its time to do it again in some other genres and mediums...

Finally Finished My MA!

Last month saw the final exhibition of my year groups work as well as a screening of all the finished films and games. There was some really amazing work done and I find myself once again a proud member of a very successful and creative year group. The film this year went through a lot of changes and ups and downs. Some of the changes were for personal reasons, others were for financial ones, but in the end I am happy with what I have made. I'm posting a trailer for the film and the poster for now, and the film will follow shortly. All in all I am happy with how things have turned out, but more than anything I am just eager to get on with some new projects!

Under the sea

After my Marilyn in the stars piece I have been playing around with some other elements. This piece was meant to blend together a bit more seamlessly than it currently does but I think it still has a little something. That may just be because it features Anna Paquin, my all time favourite anything!!

Its in the stars...

I am on a bit of a mission at the moment trying to combine photography with watercolour. This is something I came up with featuring the iconic Marilyn Monroe. I wanted to keep it subtle so that there is no real line between where she starts and the stars end. I quite like it, got more to come...

Clowning Around

Had a weird dream about clowns and hadn't done any work on Illustrator for a bit and this is what happened...

David Hunter: Superstar

Maybe it’s his stellar voice or his brilliant acting ability. Maybe it's his cheeky smile or the fact that he is so sweet to his fans. Maybe it’s because he has an uncanny and hilarious resemblance to my friend Rhys Byfield. Whatever the reason, I am now totally convinced that David Hunter was born to play Jesus in Jesus Christ: Superstar. So much so that I am indulging in fan art, which I basically never do.
I find the angstiness in this faux-poster mildly hilarious but it’s kinda funky. I can’t seem to get enough of this technique at the moment; you can expect to see more of it soon.

Tons of T-shirts

Seems to be a huge amount of t-shirt competitions around at the moment and so I decided to take a chance and enter some of them. This is my t-shirt for the Music themed design challenge on DeviantArt. The image I had when I read the theme was of a smoky night club where the silhouette of a singer can only just be made out. In a way it’s about how we see through the music, hence the melting isolated image suspended in the air. I decided to go traditional and use ink for this one. I actually like it and it got a hugely positive response for which I am extremely grateful.
This other one was for the Disney Villains Design Challenge on Threadless. They had a list of some of the best of the villains and the aim was simply to create a design around one or more of those characters without changing their original design too much. I went for Maleficent because to me she is the most beautiful and insane of the Disney villains. Basically she is totally badass. Done in ink and touched up in photoshop.
You can expect more posts along these lines soon...

Play time...

seems to be something I don't often actually have time for. So, as a way of unwinding I decided to play around with photoshop. I realised it had been a while since I had used it for anything other than sketching so I decided to try and do something in a different style to my MA film as well as incorporate text, which I haven't used in my work for a while. These are some of the things that I came out with...
Thanks to my sister Asha Cecil for letting me steal your photographs/not being mad when you find out that I stole your photographs...

Reaching for that Rainbow!

Over the past year or so there have been a lot of seriously negative things said about and to the LGBT community. There seems to be an endless line of laws being put forward in multiple countries that would not only seriously effect LGBT people but also put them in danger in certain circumstances. It can get very tiring and disheartening hearing or reading horrible and false things being said about you and your friends on such a regular basis, but we can not let the ignorant and misinformed negatively affect our lives. So I decided to do a quick piece to remind me to keep on reaching for that rainbow, and equality for all. Because we will get there someday. Mmmm cheese...

Come Fly With Me!

So I thought it may be useful given how much I am likely to be posting about this project for me to actually say something about the story.

It is a short film called Fly With Me that I will be making as my major project for my Masters Degree. It tells the story Becky, a young American girl who has been given a question to answer for homework: what do you want to do when you grow up?

This question is all Becky needs to spark her imagination and soon we are off on a high-flying adventure with beautiful air hostess Lauren, discovering all sorts of different countries and professions, and answering Becky's homework question with one simple word: everything!

Adventures To Come...

And so we are at that point again when we must lose the pre and simple be in production. As a form of 'letting go' of the design stage I thought I might share a variety of the pieces I have worked on in order to get to the production stage.

A Kid At Christmas...

...could not be more happy or excited than I am about my new toy! I finally got the money together to get a shiny new wacom and it is so big and shiny and beautiful that I am grinning from ear to ear even as I type!

Of course I needed to give it a test drive before getting down to work, and this is the result of that first spin:

Her name is Sally Sketch, and like many young teens she draws as a way of venting her anger, the only difference being that she will use her sketches to kill you.