Reaching for that Rainbow!

Over the past year or so there have been a lot of seriously negative things said about and to the LGBT community. There seems to be an endless line of laws being put forward in multiple countries that would not only seriously effect LGBT people but also put them in danger in certain circumstances. It can get very tiring and disheartening hearing or reading horrible and false things being said about you and your friends on such a regular basis, but we can not let the ignorant and misinformed negatively affect our lives. So I decided to do a quick piece to remind me to keep on reaching for that rainbow, and equality for all. Because we will get there someday. Mmmm cheese...

Come Fly With Me!

So I thought it may be useful given how much I am likely to be posting about this project for me to actually say something about the story.

It is a short film called Fly With Me that I will be making as my major project for my Masters Degree. It tells the story Becky, a young American girl who has been given a question to answer for homework: what do you want to do when you grow up?

This question is all Becky needs to spark her imagination and soon we are off on a high-flying adventure with beautiful air hostess Lauren, discovering all sorts of different countries and professions, and answering Becky's homework question with one simple word: everything!

Adventures To Come...

And so we are at that point again when we must lose the pre and simple be in production. As a form of 'letting go' of the design stage I thought I might share a variety of the pieces I have worked on in order to get to the production stage.

A Kid At Christmas...

...could not be more happy or excited than I am about my new toy! I finally got the money together to get a shiny new wacom and it is so big and shiny and beautiful that I am grinning from ear to ear even as I type!

Of course I needed to give it a test drive before getting down to work, and this is the result of that first spin:

Her name is Sally Sketch, and like many young teens she draws as a way of venting her anger, the only difference being that she will use her sketches to kill you.