Come Fly With Me!

So I thought it may be useful given how much I am likely to be posting about this project for me to actually say something about the story.

It is a short film called Fly With Me that I will be making as my major project for my Masters Degree. It tells the story Becky, a young American girl who has been given a question to answer for homework: what do you want to do when you grow up?

This question is all Becky needs to spark her imagination and soon we are off on a high-flying adventure with beautiful air hostess Lauren, discovering all sorts of different countries and professions, and answering Becky's homework question with one simple word: everything!


  1. Love this - really gorgeous style, and the silhouette is nicely balanced but looks good with the little differences. Really like her face!

  2. Nice work man haven't been on here for a while. the style is kool!