Tons of T-shirts

Seems to be a huge amount of t-shirt competitions around at the moment and so I decided to take a chance and enter some of them. This is my t-shirt for the Music themed design challenge on DeviantArt. The image I had when I read the theme was of a smoky night club where the silhouette of a singer can only just be made out. In a way it’s about how we see through the music, hence the melting isolated image suspended in the air. I decided to go traditional and use ink for this one. I actually like it and it got a hugely positive response for which I am extremely grateful.
This other one was for the Disney Villains Design Challenge on Threadless. They had a list of some of the best of the villains and the aim was simply to create a design around one or more of those characters without changing their original design too much. I went for Maleficent because to me she is the most beautiful and insane of the Disney villains. Basically she is totally badass. Done in ink and touched up in photoshop.
You can expect more posts along these lines soon...

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