Bond is Back!!

I am so excited! Four years since Quantum of Solace came to the silver screen the newer, grittier Bond is back, with Daniel Craig reprising the lead role for the third time and Dame Judi Dench once again filling me with glee as M. I have avoided learning too much about the film, cast and any plot points and have only just allowed myself to watch the trailer. And I have to see it looks epic. The action looks fantastic, the cast is brilliant (Javier Bardem looks terrifying and genius and I am a big fan of Naomie Harris) and from what I can see the story looks solid. Plus they've brought back Q. Thrilling enough on its own, my excitement at having Q back is doubled by the fact that they have cast the sensational Ben Whishaw. I have been a massive fan of his for years and I am sure that he will be amazing. Because I am so excited I decided to make a Bond poster. And here it is:
I made it for a non-existent Bond film because otherwise I would have spent ages trying to choose which film to make a poster for! Hopefully Bond, M and Q are all recognisable, and I am quite happy with how they have all turned out (although I haven't quite captured Mr Whishaw's good looks). The pretty blonde is meant to be Miss Moneypenny, the next character I am hoping they bring back. For this I cast the wonderful Jemima Rooper. She is hugely funny, beautiful and I think she would make a brilliant 21st century Moneypenny. The beautiful woman with the red lips is Rosario Dawson, who would make a brilliant Bond Bad Girl; I can totally see her taking Craig. Of course I have already started musing what the plot for this film might be, but that's a story for another time.


  1. I'm excited for this film too actually. On a side note, love your new blog design. Dramatic! :)

  2. Thanks, I figured it was time for an update...

  3. Jemima Rooper... yeah ok, as long as she got rid of that Jessie J esc fringe, it's not classy enough for Bond!!