Design Reel 2012

So I have finally finished my design reel. It is all new stuff, nothing older than a few months. I decided to go all new because I want to start working in different areas than I have done previously and I figured this was a good way to start things off. I'm really happy with it, although I am already itching to do some more...

Mummies Alive!

When I was little there was a cartoon I watched called Mummies Alive! It was one of the many shows that followed the morphing-heroes trend except instead of teenagers with attitude the heroes are, well, mummies. I don't remember a huge amount about the show other than that I always got really excited about it and that my favourite character was a kick-ass lady named Nefertina. I have always had a thing for Ancient Egypt and love films and shows that explore that mythology. With that in mind, and with Halloween having only just passed, I decided to do this little piece. Basically she's a mummy who finds herself alive(ish) again in the 1940s.

Face Off!

I am so in love with the TV show Face Off! It is one of the best shows on TV at the moment and showcases some truly amazing talent. This piece was inspired by one of the challenges in season 3.


Been playing around with texture and line a lot recently and this is one of the better pieces to come out of it. I did it whilst listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey; I find her endlessly inspiring.